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Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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Journal of Phytomedicine

Synthetic Medicinal and Business Chemistry (JPSMBC)

Abbreviation: (J. Phytomed. Syn. Med. Bus. Chem.)

Call for Papers

Call for papers for the upcoming December 2020 First Issue of Journal of Phytomedicine, Synthetic Medicinal and Business Chemistry (JPSMBC).

(JPSMBC) is welcoming the submission of papers.

The Journal of Phytomedicine, Synthetic Medicinal and Business Chemistry, multi-agency and multidisciplinary in its outlook, provides a forum for researchers and practitioners on all aspects of organic chemistry application covering the chemistry of plants or plant extracts used for medicinal purposes and the effects of standardized plant extracts (including the uses, efficacy, safety, quality, structural elucidation of isolated products, reactions and mechanisms of reactions and action), synthetic medicinal chemistry (including design, synthesis and biological screening of novel organic, heterocyclic and organometallic compounds or generally, synthetic approaches to new drugs, molecular docking in drug design, catalysis, x-ray and other spectroscopic analyses, computational studies and structure-activity relationships (SAR) in compounds with biological activity, molecular modifications of such series with the aim of improving the understanding of their SAR, biotransformation of synthetic compounds, etc) and business chemistry (including current developments/challenges and potential solutions in chemistry and industry or recent developments in the role/relevance of chemistry within the chemical industries, management practice and/or management issues in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, new business models via (chemical) process industries digitalization, tools/methodological approach for assessing chemistry innovation impact potential and potential market entry methods/strategies. Innovation, patents and regulatory aspects, global value chains, etc as related to chemical industry). Contributions are welcomed internationally from academics, researchers, managers and practitioners in the Organic Chemistry Industry. All papers would be double-blind peer-reviewed before publication.

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Submission Deadline (for Dec. 2020 Issue) 10.10.2020 – 09.11.2020

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